Competition Team

Our elite team of competitors embodies the highest level of dedication, skill, and sportsmanship. With numerous champions and medalists in prestigious tournaments worldwide, our athletes represent the pinnacle of jiu jitsu excellence. Explore this page to learn more about our team’s achievements, training philosophy, and the exceptional talent that makes Highrollers a powerhouse in the competitive jiu jitsu scene.

Tadeu Lobato

Tadeu, a master in both Gi and No-Gi direct from Brazil. With numerous titles won worldwide and in Australia, Tadeu brings invaluable expertise and knowledge to our students. His guidance ensures that all students at Highrollers receive world-class training in both styles.

Oliver Silvestro

Oliver Silvestro is a remarkable 16-year-old jiu jitsu practitioner with an impressive list of accomplishments. In 2023 alone, he became a 4x IBJJF World Champion, 2x AJP World Champion, 2x Euros No-Gi Champion, and 2x Brasileiro Champion. Training since he was a baby, Oliver has won nearly every medal known to man, establishing himself as a seasoned competitor and a rising star in the jiu jitsu world.


Lucas Bernardo is a highly skilled jiu jitsu practitioner with a reputation for his technical prowess on the mats. He is a 4x Pan Pacific Champion and has earned a bronze medal at the 2023 IBJJF World Championship. Lucas has also won 5 x Australian championships and multiple state titles. Having trained since a young age, Lucas combines extensive experience with exceptional technique, making him a formidable competitor and a respected figure in the jiu jitsu community.


Tyler Bernardo is a distinguished competitor at Highrollers Jiu Jitsu, boasting an impressive list of accomplishments. 

He is a 2x Abu Dhabi World Champion, a 3x IBJJF Pan Pacific Champion, and a 6x AFBJJ National Champion. Tyler’s dedication, skill, and competitive spirit make him a standout athlete and an inspiration to everyone at Highrollers.